Tony Rey

Tony Rey is a man of many moods and a dynamo of unbridled passion when performing live. For Tony, it’s an approach to performing just as much as it’s a way of life.

After playing guitar, singing, writing and experimenting on his own from age 13 to 20, he participated in Richland Community College’s well respected music program for a few years then spent a couple of more years in the world-renowned University of North Texas jazz program, taking full advantage of the musical breadth of these institutions.  During those years of study he also relentlessly stretched himself as a writer and performer.

Tony has performed an enormous range of styles in a wide variety of settings covering many categories of rock, blues, jazz, pop, reggae, R&B, folk, funk, rap, salsa, calypso, country, experimental music, etc.  

Never bound by rules or conventions, Tony’s musical pursuits are always, nevertheless, rooted in classical music theory and the ideals of efficient technique; qualities that are continually at the forefront whether in the practice room or in the classroom.

Tony Rey is always active as a freelancer and solo performer, and never shies away from a musical challenge, savoring each one as he continues to be a fresh and vital performer and educator.