Changing the art at a time

Artist Development

Discover who you are at the core of your artistry and how to share that with the world. Learn your passions and how you can create change with your art.

Vocal Training

Bring your voice to its full potential with technical voice lessons. Learn how to sing properly and create your own unique sound.

Instrument Training

Take your musical skills to the next level by learning an instrument. Learn from touring professionals.

Music Production

Learn how to operate industry standard DAW’s such as Pro Tools and Logic. Dive into how to use the programs and how they can enhance your music.

Premier Artists



“Since I started PEG Social, my social media has transformed immensely. I’ve learned what to post, when to post, and how to create an aesthetic which showcases my brand. Not to mention all of the photo shoots that we’ve had! Thanks to PEG social, my social media is really coming together.”

Saniya Hameed

My past few years at Pogue Entertainment Group have lead to so much artistic and personal growth through the guidance of amazing teachers and incredible artists by my side. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be at level of musicianship and artistry I am at right now without PEG.