Naren Yalamanchili is a versatile and energetic young artist who developed his interest in performing from any early age.
When he was just 4 years old he took his first dance lessons, doing hip hop moves to Bollywood songs and then, at 5, he began takin singing lessons in the Carnatic style of southern India.
When he was 7 he branched out by taking more contemporary dance lessons, started playing drums at 8, then went on to study guitar around age 9, which has blossomed into a passion for him.
Naren is not only an avid player of video games, but also finds inspiration in the music he hears while playing, as well as from artists as diverse as Michael Jackson and Queen.
Naren has performed at many showcase events in DFW, always to great applause!
He aspires to develop a unique sound through his many
musical interests and stretch his versatility into many different projects in the future!