Studio, Vocal, and Instrument Training

Take your musical skills to the next level by learning an instrument. Learn from touring professionals. Bring your voice to its full potential with technical voice lessons. Learn how to sing properly and create your own unique sound. Then learn how to implement all these skills in the studio.


Transform your emotions into a song. Breakdown song structure, different songwriting techniques, and creating your own sound. Work with industry writers with credits from Atlantic Records to Warner Chappel.


At Pogue Entertainment Group we believe that to be the best artist you can be you first have to be your best self. In all of our programs we guide our clients to be the most successful they can be.  

Social Media Development

Revamp your social media to reflect who you truly are as an artist. Learn how to optimize algorithms and how, why, what, and when to post.

Product Development

Give your project new life by developing it and breaking it down with our professionals. Learn how to make a successful product and how to market it.

Music Business Education

Learn the business behind music. How can you take your art and make a living out of it? What is copyright, and how do I copyright my songs?

Media Training

Learn how to market yourself on camera, on the radio, and in a written article. You will be well versed in promoting yourself and your brand all while being yourself and showing your personality.

Music Publishing

Publish your music to all major streaming platforms. Get heard on itunes, spotify, and get them placed on playlists for maximum exposure.

Live Show Production

Learn how to play in a live setting by practicing with a live professional band every week to achieve a ultimate live performance that reflects the artist. 

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